“But whether small or great, and no matter what the stage or grade of life, the call rings up the curtain, always on a mystery of transfiguration– a rite, or moment, of spiritual passage, which when complete, amounts to a dying and a birth. The familiar life horizon has been outgrown; the old concepts, ideas, and emotional patterns no longer fit; the time for the passing of a threshold is at hand.” – Joseph Campbell THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES

Once one hears the call, and even if they first refuse it, they might notice a new sense of dissatisfaction in their current world. Who/what makes this call for LORETTA? What voice from her psyche beckons her to leave the safety of her known and disconnected world to travel INWARD beyond her threshold?

As I figure this out for LORETTA, I too am listening to the call that rings from the depths of my heart and soul. What have you been up to people ask? I am exploring my psyche, and reflecting on it through art.

The call is asking me; is this enough? What actions are taking to dismantle systems of oppression?

Ok, first of all, be gentle with myself, and no, I do not think it is enough to sit safely in my house making art. I must continue to learn, unlearn, decolonize my mind, speak up and take risks. What the heck does “decolonize my mind” even mean? Decolonization seems to be a tangible unknown. Some research notes: 

  • uncover/challenge THINKING PATTERNS based in unconscious white supremacist capitalist ways.
  • Decolonization would be an attempt to get capitalism out of your culture, and to get back to your roots outside of capitalism.
  • Decolonization requires non-Indigenous Canadians to recognize and accept the reality of Canada’s colonial history, accept how that history paralyzed Indigenous Peoples, and how it continues to subjugate Indigenous Peoples

Through the creation of THE CURE FOR FEAR, I am exploring EMBODIMENT as a pathway to connection.

My friend and dance teacher Laura June posted an amazing meme from the DANCE UNION. It read:

  • Step 1: Dance your Heart out
  • Step 2: Feel the experience of being fully embodied
  • Step 3: Go out in the world and abolish oppressive systems that keep the rest of society disembodied.

Learn more about the DANCE UNION HERE

There is a lot happening in this world which might cause one to be disembodied. There is plenty of reason why one might feel anxious, grief stricken or scared. I have spent about half of my life trying to escape my body- but let me say this: I HAVE FOUND JOY in there TOO. I am committed to seeking pleasure in my body as a political act against patriarchy.

My father passed from this earthly realm just 3 weeks ago. A friend was killed in a car accident shortly after. There is climate crisis, a global pandemic, a civil revolution and a US election. There is so much injustice, death and suffering happening in this world right now, and, there is also SO MUCH BEAUTY to acknowledge.

This past week was Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, Day of the dead- you pick. So many traditions to reflect on these times when the veils between this world and the spirit world are thin.

I celebrated life and death with a procession under a full moon and later in the eve around a fire with my witches. We sent prayers to our neighbours in the US and also to the neighbours of the whole world. We called in peace and gave voice to our gratitudes.

I am grateful for my creativity- it is no joke when I say it keeps me alive.


Notes for Loretta’s Call:

  • dreams of her great great great grandmother, who gives her amulets of protection and/or words of wisdom that will come in handy at the right time.
  • I really love this idea to include THE GRANDMOTHERS in my process. This summer I learned of my indigenous great (x3) grandmother of Gabriola Island. I did a DNA test in which she showed up! I wonder about her life and how she came to marry a settler.
  • We have our grandmothers to thank for this relative freedom we woman have today. They put up with so much patriarchal bullshit, but gradually paved the way for US TO BE RELATIVELY FREE.

Also happening this week, as part of my creation process, I partook in NORMAN TAYLOR’s masterclass on Movement Analysis. He was a student and colleague of Jaques Lecoq and this class is related to his 20 movements.

Notes for consideration:

  • embodying EVERYBODY in our own unique movements
  • about being more real than REAL when on stage.
  • A verb has no opinion- observe, analyze and state a fact.
  • What is the difference between LOOKING vs SEEING.
  • undulation- propels forward, body moves first, eyes see afterwards
  • reverse undulation- eyes see first

Thank you for reading “THE BONES”- a process report of art and decolonization.

I am currently researching “THE CURE FOR FEAR” – a physical theatrical/ digital arts exploration around the disconnection that occurs from trauma. In a world where the power holders would have us privatize and distrust our feelings in silence and obedience, how does one begin and continue on a journey of decolonization and reconnection? What transformation happens within the psyche as a person emerges from despondency and disembodiment?

I believe in the power of laughter, so, how can one find lightness in the heaviest of topics? How can the subject matter be delivered in a way that surprises the experiencer with their own discoveries?

Always open to feedback if it is constructive and kind. No haters please.

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