Today I am writing a quick note to tell of an exciting new project branch that I’ll be exploring for the next 2 months. I’ll continue to develop the CURE FOR FEAR in tandem with OOPSIE, but it will be taking a side seat for a minute to make space for this important project.

Oopsie is an original live TYA (theatre for young audiences) that explores mistakes and I am adapting it into a short film. The film will be a part of a virtual performance for schools that will come with a livestream Q & A about the creative process.

As my research for the CURE FOR FEAR has shown me that a digital format of theatrics is a different beast than for a live audience. In live theatre you can watch someone breathing on a stage, and be captivated, even at the edge of your seats. In film, not so much. You may want to add swelling music- shift from close up shots of eyes, to feet- to long shots, to a clip of a memory- etc. This is to say that I’m taking OOPSIE back to the drawing board for some redesign and reshaping for film!

I’m pretty excited about the opportunities film has in it actually. All of this shifting to film has given me some fantastic skills in filming, directing and editing. I’m not being left behind! And, when all this is over- and we are able to tour and perform in schools and theatres again- I’ll have these new skills of engagement and for reaching a wider audience.

So there you go- The art of adaption and resilience in action.

In Oopsie- We have Dr. Sara Bellum (cerebellum.. get it? wakka wakka) conducting her experiments with her question- IS IT OK TO MAKE MISTAKES?

Her research involves interviewing numerous children through ZOOM and a few live creativity exercises with her young folk lab assistants. Dr. Sara Bellum builds a brainometre shadow puppet machine that measures brain activity. What happens when the human subjects do something easy and get it right vrs trying something hard and getting it wrong? We also get some inspiration from the NOT-YET-i monster who reminds us that you just need to add YET to the word Can’t.

I’m curious about sharing GROWTH MINDSET and NEUROSCIENCE through art and stories in a fun and captivating way where the audience gets to figure it out and be the experts. The kids are actually already on to this- and this next generation are going to be so full of thinkers, makers and risk takers. I’ve done one interview so far and I was amazed at this little human’s responses.

Celebrating mistakes is already on it’s way to being a part of everyday culture- and OOPSIE is making sure of it!

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